The Hosepipe Band with Martin Newell

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In addition to playing for ceilidhs, The Hosepipe Band is involved in an ongoing collaboration  with North Essex poet Martin Newell. Band members have composed original music to accompany readings of three of Martin’s long poems: The Song of the Waterlily, Black Shuck, and The Green Children, all illustrated by artist James Dodds and published by Jardine Press. The Song of the Waterlily won a national prize in the year it was published. For this project, the band is, left to right in the photo:
Val Woollard:  bagpipes, recorder, flute, saxophone, bells, hammered dulcimer
Cara Bruns: electric piano, organ, vocal
Martin Newell: poet’s voice, upright bass
Peter Nice (Nel): upright bass, electric guitar, brush, schwirrbogen, vocal
Simon Haines: concertina, hurdy gurdy, footbass, saw, bandoneon, vocal

We are currently working on a new project Jigsaw Coast, a travelogue in narrative recollection and rhyme, through the coastlands and market towns of East Anglia. The new show will feature a variety of Martin’s poems accompanied by new music composed and played by the Hosepipe Band.
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CDs of Song of the Waterlily, Black Shuck and The Green Children are available HERE.

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