Jigsaw Coast

Jigsaw Coast was performed for the first time at Felixstowe Book Festival on June 30 2018, then at a number of other events during the rest of the year. The show features a selection of shorter poems about people, places and events which have meant something to Martin Newell during the time he has lived in East Anglia. The Hosepipe Band play their own newly composed  accompaniments. Here are some of the titles.

Severe Weather Warning
Dead in Barmaid’s Bed
Suffolk Punch
Funeral of a Young Man
The Death of Nelson
Cycle Path
The North Sea
To a Postmistress on Retiring
Royal Norfolk

Here’s one to whet your appetite  (music available shortly)

Dead In The Barmaid’s Bed

Plywood coffin draped in sacks
Funeral feast of crisps and snacks
Poor man’s Prozac – Special Brew
Massive turn-out,  guests all knew
This is what the vicar said:
“Found him dead in the barmaid’s bed.”

Found him dead in the barmaid’s bed
Lacy knickers on his head
What with all the gossip spread
Bound to raise his local cred.

Women tutted, men said, “Odd
There but for the grace of God
Not behaviour I’d endorse…”
Envious as hell of course
Seeing him in that state of grace
Hard to keep a serious face
Should have legged it. Died instead
Found him dead in the barmaid’s bed.

Man of Essex, throughbred
Lead in pencil, gear in shed,
Brass in pocket, books in red,
Always kept his ferrets fed.
Found him dead in the barmaid’s bed
Found him dead in the barmaid’s bed
“Good owld buoy.” they quietly said.
Found him dead in the barmaid’s bed.